This classification offers fire and burglary protection for an overnight application. The safe provides security in a controlled environment in any situation where cash is required to be deposited and stored prior to cash collection.

Deposit safes provide an affordable solution to financial loss and, more importantly, create an effective means by which criminals are deterred from launching attacks at the outsets, like supermarkets, fast-food outlets, pubs, restaurants or sport stadiums.

Deposit safes reduce the attractiveness of the target without increasing the risk. As the cash builds up over a predetermined amount in the cashier’s drawer it is deposited into the drop safe. The keys of the safe are kept off the premises and the staff  have no access to the safe keys. This fact is displayed for all to see on a suitably well-placed sign.

Once the deposit is made into the safe is cannot be retrieved or “fished out” of the deposit mechanism due to security devices being installed inside the safe to defeat this method of attack. These precautions may greatly reduce the threat of violence to both the staff and public, or an attack on the store, as the cash available to the criminal is minimal and no longer an attractive target, thereby taking the incentive and motivation away from the criminal.  

Various models and sizes available. All SABS tested and approved.