Bankers Safe.

Our series are heavy-duty fire resistant safes, purposely designed for banks. These high range and quality safes are utilized to provide optimum safety and high security. It applies for businesses in the high cash risk sector in mind such as banks, jewellers, leasing companies and businesses that require a high degree of protection against the wide range of sophisticated tools breakage and a combination of various methods of burglary attacks.

Brochures: Mutual , Falcon , Chubb

Hotel Safe.

We have a series of different hotel safes, including the Harmony series, Keel Aegis series and the MBG series. With different functionalities in mind, you are guaranteed to find one that fits the hotel room perfectly. Our hotel safes are designed with modern cues, which blends in nicely with your cosy hotel interior. We have the most advance technology and contemporary design in hotel room safe, serve best to secure guests and personal belongings, it features the industry leading audit trail technology.

Brochure: Falcon

Office Safe.

Our office and home safes are designed to be sleek, and functional that can go nicely with your home furnishings. With modern design lines, our home safes are fire-resistant and are built with ample space for personal assets, documents, and cash. It provides the best protection of documents and valuables against the threat of unforeseeable fire and burglary attacks.

Brochure : Office Safe

Home Safe

Home Safe Series is made specially to fit into most households. These home safes are made with high quality steel construction for extra durability. The premium quality ensures maximum security over thefts and damages. We guarantee our home safes will offer amazing protection over valuables stored in them with a modern appearance. The series comes in a multitude of dimension, sizes and designs to cater different needs. Our home safe series is packed with essential features for maximum protection and security. They resemble our sophistication in safe & lock engineering & technology, longevity and elegance.

Brochure : Home Safe

Customised Safe.

We offer bespoke safe solutions to customers who require out of the ordinary features including additional lock mechanisms, size variation to fit in a specific space, etc.

Underfloor Safe.

Underfloor Safes are commonly used for storing important paperwork, Money, Jewelry, Cash, any items that you can have easy access to, remember a Floor Safe is great because no ones sees it only you know where it is, all underfloor Safes are installed in concrete this is the ultimate in fire protection remember concrete doesn’t retain heat and heat rises

Brochure : Custom